Principles of cooperation 

I. Principles of cooperation 

  • Partners, collaborators, members contribute information, time, ... in a voluntary and responsible manner with the data provided;

  • Participants have rights and responsibilities in a spirit of voluntariness, respectful and mutual development;

  • When these entities contribute to the success of the transaction, they will receive the profits, brokerage fees and service fees as agreed;

  • Collaborate on e-commerce platform and multi-channel transaction information to speed up the buying process effectively and safely;

  • The principle operates in the spirit of prevailing law, and is based on the rules and regulations of Vietnamese law and  of the page.

II. Principles for handling complaints, denunciations, and violations

  • Information errors will be corrected by the parties and promptly notified to related parties;

  • Conflicts of interest will be resolved based on the agreed regulations of the page, MOU, Collaborating Contract, Business Cooperation Contract;

  • Complaints and denunciations will be directed among the parties involved and / or through intermediaries, the Board of Directors of;

  • Violations, contradictions arising and escalation will be resolved publicly, transparently, in consensus, based on the spirit of conciliation and the principles established on the page, then the applicable law.

III. Principles for dealing with fraud members

  • Not cooperate with members who cheat, violate Vietnamese traditions and customs, the applicable laws, provide false information for fraud purposes;

  • Not cooperate with members who challenge the common principles and morals of society;

Not cooperate with members with extreme political tendencies that affect the community and violate the law; members with extreme religious spirits that harm the mind and body of other members.

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