Privileges for members

I. Privileges of real estate sellers. tenants, and importers:
1. Make videos, take professional photos of real estate, products, and services to be traded;
2. Being updated on the prominent homepage of the website;
3. Consultancy service about valuation and other key performances for quick sale;
4. Complete the advertising campaigns: Facebook, Google, Zalo, Youtube, ...;
5. Posting on other related forums and websites specializing in real estate, construction, international trade, and foreign investments;
6. Arrange appointments for customers to survey properties, products, services;
7. Providing market information to adjust prices and condtions accordingly;
8. Legal services relating to real estate trading, notarization, tax, registration, import-export procedures, inspection, custom clearance, investment regulations;
II. Privileges for real estate buyers, renters, investors and exporters:
1. Providing buying, sourcing offers according to specific requirements 24/24;
2. Being updated a database of local market that has been successfully traded in;
3. Receive consultancy on related construction permits: renovation, leasing or reinvestment;
4. Consultancy and valuation to add data analyzing for investment and purchase decisions;
5. Information security is a prerequisite for these special members;
6. Arrange appointments for members to survey properties, products, services directly;
7. Being committed with the safe and fast process of real estate transfer and trade agreement;
8. Provide other high-end services after the transaction such as: change of land use purpose, investment license, construction, and related legal procedures, 
notarization, tax, registration, import-export procedures, inspection, custom clearance, investment regulations.

For further information, please contact:
Tel: 84 969 1488 39
Vietnam real estate transaction and construction platform

ADDRESS: 92/85 Nguyen Hong, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tax code: 0309536935
Account number: 0421003935581 at Vietcombank, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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